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The Healing Partnership, to assist in moving you into an improved state of health.

Welcome — by finding your way to this Website, you have made the first step toward improving your health. Here at the Healing Partnership, we believe that you are the most vital piece in the puzzle of your own recovery. Many of our patients come to this practice as weary travelers, having exhausted every avenue of traditional medicine. Chronic illness can be the result of many physical, spiritual and mental factors including overwork, loss, neglect, addiction and even abuse. Our knowledgeable and compassionate staff is trained to understand these core issues and the impact they have on your well-being. No one can erase their past, but we can move forward into a healing future.

Dr. Bonnet employs a highly personalized plan of action which may include homeopathy, allergy treatment, supplementation, nutritional counseling and energetic medicine. Each patient is accepted as a whole and unique human being.

Specializing in the treatment of:

Adrenal dysfunction, allergies, anxiety, asthma, attention deficit disorder, autism, bipolar disorder, candidiasis, chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia, depression, diabetes, immune dysfunction, high cholesterol, metal toxicity, multiple chemical sensitivities, schizophrenia.

—Dr. Philip Bonnet and staff

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Dr. Philip Bonnet, M.D.
1086 Taylorsville Road • Washington Crossing, PA 18977
Telephone: (215) 321-8321



I truly believe that some people on this earth were born for the profession they have chosen: Dr. Bonnet is indeed, one of those people. He was MEANT to be a physician, a true healer, of the highest calling.


Ragweed season is upon us. Try to get students starting school in September in for allergy testing prior to start of school year.


"A love of life is a natural consequence of good health."

Philip L. Bonnet MD


Timely Tips

Help keep you allergy symptoms to a minimun

  • Be sure to drink plenty of water everyday, try drinking 1/2 liter of water (small water bottle) between meals. Avoid beverages containing sugar or caffeine.
  • Increase intake of good buffered Vitamin C to help your immune system deal with pollen allergies.
  • Be sure to get plenty of rest everyday, do not push yourself thru your symptoms.
  • Wash your bed linens in hot water weekly to help keep dust mites down.


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