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When I first came to Dr. Bonnet years ago... I didn't know what to expect. After seeing countless doctors and spending thousands of dollars, I had pretty much given up on ever trying to find solutions to my problems (which were countless as well, including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and depression). My daughter, especially, who had suffered for years with a multi-diagnosed problem had pretty much given been given up on by the medical establishment. From the minute I entered Dr. Bonnet's office, the well organized and cheerful office staff impressed me. I could definitely tell that this would be entirely different from what I had experienced in the past.

From the very first appointment till today, I have received consistent quality care and then some. Dr. Bonnet and his staff always take that extra step to make sure your every need is addressed. Thru the years, he has patiently guided me and my daughter to wellness. Homeopathy, NES and Orthomolecular medicine have simply transformed our lives. In my case, this transformation has added 5-6 hours to my day (thanks to the alleviation of my CFS!). I am so very grateful to have found this courageous physician.

Dr. Bonnet is the finest physician I have ever had the honor of being treated by. He is not only my family's doctor, but I always recommend him to anyone who needs help. He is that rare human being that really listens and has always returned my calls...even on weekends!

I am so grateful that I do not have to "jump through hoops" to get the best health care on the planet. I see what others have to do for their health care... and I thank God that I don't have to go thru that!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Dr. Bonnet for what you have done for me and my family.

Mrs. Dyan Russell Voorhees, New Jersey
March 7, 2011

Hello, my name is Jose Salgado; my family and I live in Caracas, Venezuela. My 8 year old son, Eduardo, was diagnosed with severe autism at age 2. He has been under the care of Dr. Bonnet since 2007; we visit his office every 6 months, at this moment we have made 8 visits.

Many parents of autistic children don't understand the strong connection between health disorders; like allergies, foods intolerances, heavy metals toxicity; and the behavioural difficulties their children have.

It is my experience that the methodology and treatments used by Dr. Bonnet, really work, and have made important changes with Eduardo's health. For example, after our first visit with Dr. Bonnet in February of 2007, Eduardo started to sleep through the night. From that moment our son's health started getting better; his behaviour changed significantly, he doesn't bite any more, doesn't have aggressive reactions, and the therapy that he receive for language, sensory integration, and other occupational issues are more effective. In our son's school (for autistic children), his teachers report significant progress at a cognitive level and an improvement in communication and social skills.

When our son was first diagnosed with autism at 2 years old, we were told that his autism was severe. Last year (2010) Eduardo was reassessed; his new diagnosis is autism of a moderate degree, which brought great happiness to all of our family.

Another important reason, for which we have a good opinion about this type of treatment, is because it is very safe, without collateral effects; this has been very important for the changes in our son's health.

For all these reasons, I can tell you that if you trust in the treatment, and are patient and persistent, you will see important changes and progress in your son's life.

Jose Antonio Salgado Martinez

I do not hesitate to laud Dr. Philip L. Bonnet as "The Guru of Medicine." I do so unabashedly.

As a licensed professional myself (in the State of New Jersey as well as New York), I have never seen such integrity in a professional as I have witnessed consistently in Philip L. Bonnet, M.D.

For the past quarter-century, there have been plenty of opportunities for me to observe whether Dr. Bonnet was as good as I thought he was and, he has never proven me wrong (that's right: I have twenty-five years experience of being under the wonderful medical care of Philip L. Bonnet, M.D. I need no other doctor!). I truly believe that some people on this earth were born for the profession they have chosen: Dr. Bonnet is indeed, one of those people. He was MEANT to be a physician, a true healer, of the highest calling.

In view of this long experience with him, I can say without any exaggeration, that Dr. Bonnet is nothing less than a "Doctor's Doctor." A quintessential healer of the most gentle kind, Dr. Bonnet has adopted an approach that is simultaneously state-of-the-art yet practiced as closely in tune with your own body's natural, "built in" healing capabilities—e.g. the LEAST invasive approach; tailored to that particular person's body.

I challenge anyone to find a doctor in the New York-Philadelphia-Washington D.C. area who is able to match Dr. Bonnet's stature in this regard. He puts the patient first, better yet, he actually listens to what the patient says and, never discounts the importance of what the patient says to him.

I certify that the above is true and accurate and, I personally invite an email from any prospective patient who would like more in-depth information or has specific questions. I personally can guarantee that you will benefit in some way that other doctors have failed to provide in their care.

With great enthusiasm and vitality, I am...

Very Truly Yours,
Thomas E. Brios, Attorney at Law

E-mail address available upon request

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"In view of this long experience with him, I can say without any exaggeration, that Dr. Bonnet is quintessential healer of the most gentle kind. He has adopted an approach that is simultaneously state-of-the-art yet practiced as closely in tune with your own body's natural, "built-in" healing capabilities—e.g. the LEAST invasive approach, tailored to that particular person's body."
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