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The office is open from 8:30 to 4:30 Mondays through Fridays.

For the initial visit, you need to be prepared to spend around 3 hours in the office. Approximately 1 hour of that time will be spent having an extensive history taken by Dr. Bonnet's assistant, and 50 minutes will be spent directly with Dr. Bonnet. Patients 16 years of age or older will ordinarily be requested to take a self-administered psychological questionnaire, which defines a number of potential possible perceptual difficulties.

Usually at the time of the initial visit, extensive laboratory testing is performed on blood, urine, and hair. Prior to your first appointment, find out how your insurance handles laboratory testing; we will send you to the lab your insurance works with.Your insurance will not pay for all of the testing Dr. Bonnet orders. Please bring in copies of previous laboratory testing and medical records; including list of medications and nutritional suppliments you are taking. Because the hair analysis is a very important study and does give us much information, therefore it is an important test to do. With this in mind avoid having hair colored prior to you initial appointment, and if you wear your hair short, plan on having a haircut after you initial appointment.

Usually Dr. Bonnet will suggest a number of nutritional supplements, which are available in The Vitamin Room downstairs. The Vitamin Room carries an extensive line of top- quality nutritional supplements and homeopathic remedies. Our prices are usually significantly less than a health food store.

Payment is required upon completion of this visit. We do not accept insurance. Patients send claims directly to the insurance company and reimbursement is sent directly to the patients. We, of course, provide you with the necessary documentation.

In order to hold your appointment, we need a deposit of $300.00, due when the appointment is scheduled. This will be deducted from the fee of the initial visit. If a cancellation is made with less than seven days notice, half of the deposit will be forfeited unless the time is filled. Also if the deposit is paid by a credit card and you cancel the entire appointment without rescheduling, a $10.00 service fee will be applied and deducted from the refund.

If you have any questions, please contact the office at (215) 321-8321.

Many of our patients are chemically sensitive and even slight traces of fragrance can be problematic, so please do not wear any fragrance (perfume, hairspray, fabric softener, scented conditioners or moisturizers, etc.) on the day of your appointment. See list below for common sources.

You are welcome to record any session. Dr. Bonnet strongly recommends taping the second visit, as this is one in which he is interpreting a lot of the results and there is a lot of information to retain. The follow up session is 20 minutes in length (charge: $150).

We are excited about working together with you and feel most appreciative of any information that you would give us to facilitate our being more helpful.

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"In view of this long experience with him, I can say without any exaggeration, that Dr. Bonnet is quintessential healer of the most gentle kind. He has adopted an approach that is simultaneously state-of-the-art yet practiced as closely in tune with your own body's natural, "built-in" healing capabilities—e.g. the LEAST invasive approach, tailored to that particular person's body."
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