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Dr. Bonnet uses the best of all available treatments to help you get well and to maintain well being. As a homeopath and orthomolecular physician, he first works to correct the underlying conditions that cause chronic symptoms. At times, a low dose medication may be necessary; these decisions are always patient centered. Everyone is an individual – with different needs. The combination of nutrient therapy and homeopathy help to reduce the potential side effects of drug therapy.

At times it is necessary to use treatments in addition to those mentioned above. For those with food and dietary related issues, nutritional counseling/education is very helpful at reducing symptoms in the short term and increases the likelihood of long-term improvement. Those with allergies and environmental sensitivities frequently benefit from allergy treatment. Utilizing a quantitative skin testing method can reduce allergic symptoms faster than other types of allergy therapies.


"In view of this long experience with him, I can say without any exaggeration, that Dr. Bonnet is quintessential healer of the most gentle kind. He has adopted an approach that is simultaneously state-of-the-art yet practiced as closely in tune with your own body's natural, "built-in" healing capabilities—e.g. the LEAST invasive approach, tailored to that particular person's body."
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