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Allergy Treatment

Allergies are widespread among the population, however many people are unaware of the impact that allergies can have on their overall well being. People frequently have the misconception that they "outgrew" their allergies. It's not unusual for the allergic person to have had their first line defenses overwhelmed and no longer have those type symptoms (sneezing, congestion, itchy eyes, etc) associated with their allergies. Their allergic problems are now affecting them at a much deeper level, resulting in asthma, tiredness, depression, trouble concentrating, mood changes, hyperactivity in children, joint pain, and a host of other difficulties.

We work hard to reduce modifiable factors like diet and environmental issues to reduce the load on the immune system. Making these changes allows the best chance to have a favorable outcome with allergy treatment.

"In view of this long experience with him, I can say without any exaggeration, that Dr. Bonnet is quintessential healer of the most gentle kind. He has adopted an approach that is simultaneously state-of-the-art yet practiced as closely in tune with your own body's natural, "built-in" healing capabilities—e.g. the LEAST invasive approach, tailored to that particular person's body."

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